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capturer in title

Visual Capturer Capture and customize screenshots.
Size: 2.26MB
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visual customize Rainmeter customize tiers  
Mini Capturer Capturing images from desktop has never been so easy!
Size: 931 KB
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capture screen capture snapshot screen make screenshot  
Nicera Capturer Screen capturer, system events recorder, audio/video capturer and playback.
Size: 2.77MB
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Video Recorder Recorder Audio Recorder capture audio  
STOIK Capturer Capture video from DV camcorder, TV tuner, video card, webcam
Size: 231.28K
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Capture Video Video capture capturer video capture  
Smart Capturer capture still images from common Video for Windows source
Size: 282KB
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screenshot capturer smart movie player nero startsmart 8  
Screen Capturer A simple tool to capture videos from your desktop.
Size: 12.6 MB
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Capture Video Recorder Video capture capturer  

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Sound Leech Will capture sound from other programs
Size: 479 KB
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Record sound recorder capture capture sound sound capturer  
GrabBitmaps Capture photo from many kinds of format of movie and save as jpeg file
Size: 358 KB
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capture capturer snapshot snapshot maker photo capture  
CamCommander Command line tool to capture images from an USB camera into image files
Size: 970 KB
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capture capturer camera Camera Image graphic capture  
CardLasso A software for business card capture
Size: 722 KB
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capture capturer business card Webcam snapshot  
Auto Screen Capture A small tool that will capture your screen after a time interval.
Size: 128 KB
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capture capturer screen capture screenshot screen  
AVGo Media Recorder An easy-to-use multimedia recorder with Blu-ray ripping capabilities
Size: 4.6 MB
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Recorder Blu-ray ripper capture capturer video capture  

capturer in description

URL Capturer URL capturer is a windows desktop application that converts HTML/MHTML/PHP/ASP/CFM pages to capture full length website screenshots in batch mode and thumbnail them to smaller images. You can watermar...
Size: 2.9MB
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Convert Length full-length movie  
Zapgrab Screen capturer for Windows, Mac and Tablets. Simply and fast screen capture utility. Captures the desktop as screenshots. Free tools for capturing screen shots. Most of these offer extended features ...
Size: 30 KB
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capture display capture screen screen Print screen  
Screen Capture Free Screen capturer for Windows, Mac and Tablets. Simply the best FREE screen capture utility. Captures the desktop as screenshots. Free tools for capturing screen shots. Most of these offer extended feat...
Size: 2.0 MB
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Belkasoft Screen Capturer Pro Belkasoft Screen capturer Pro is a powerful tool that will help you make screenshots. Belkasoft Screen Capturer Pro is extremely easy to use and allows you to do all you need to capture a screenshot. ...
Size: 1.2 MB
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capture take screenshot capture screen screenshot snapshot  
Belkasoft RAM Capturer (64-bit) Belkasoft RAM capturer (64-bit) is a tool to extract the entire content of the computer's volatile memory - even if protected by an active anti-debugging or anti-dumping system. Belkasoft Live RAM Cap...
Size: 77.97K
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Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer Belkasoft Live RAM capturer is a very easy to use application that was especially designed to provide you with a means of extracting the memory contents and store them as memory dumps. Belkasoft Live ...
Size: 70 KB
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capturer dump Memory Dump